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The ETH Air Shelter

The air shelter provides affordable accomodation for students during events such as conferences.


The air shelter can be reached by tram number 10 (in direction of "Bahnhofplatz/HB") coming from the airport, or by tram number 7 (in direction of "Bahnhof Stettbach") coming from the main train station.
Entrance 1
The entrance to the air shelter is next to tram stop "Haldenegg" (for trams number 7 and 15).
Entrance 2
Close-up of entrance.
Entrance 3
Once you entered, walk this way...
Entrance 4
.. and pass this door.


Bedroom Boys 1
Boys' room, view 1.
Bedroom Boys 2
Boys' room, view 2.
Bedroom Girls
Girls' room.
Restroom Boys
Restroom, washroom boys.
Restroom Girls
Restroom, washroom girls.
Lockers, key provided.
Showers Upstairs
Showers upstairs, near the entrance.
Showers 1
Showers near the kitchen.
Showers and Kitchen
Kitchen and Showers in wide angle view.
Living Room and Stairs
Living Room with the stairs you walk down to the shelter.
Living Room, Far End
Living room viewed from the far end. Aisle on the left leads to the dormitories.

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