Institute for Visual Computing


Visual Computing is a research area in computer science that covers computer vision, computer graphics, scientific visualization and topics in robotics, digital fabrication and interactive techniques.

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Institute for Visual Computing

The Institute for Visual Computing currently consists of three research groups in the areas of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Geometry Processing. Our research and teaching activities cover a wide range of topics in computer science related to visual computing, such as computer graphics and vision, scientific visualization, digital fabrication and interactive techniques. We explore capture, processing and analysis, synthesis and visualization of visual and geometric data, with a broad range of applications from medicine to product design and engineering, architecture, fabrication, education, entertainment and art.

Research Groups


Computer Graphics Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Markus Gross,


Computer Vision and Geometry Group

Prof. Dr. Marc Pollefeys,


Interactive Geometry Lab

Prof. Dr. Olga Sorkine-Hornung,


Computer Vision and Learning Group

Prof. Dr. Siyu Tang,


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Institute for Visual Computing

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